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The Little Book of Rattling (JUST RELEASED)

The rattle is a very basic and ancient musical instrument that despite its simplicity has great power to heal and transform our lives. The Little Book of Rattling gives the essential keys of how to use the rattle to silence the mind, break old mental habits and recordings, free our creativity, manifest with clarity and align ourselves to the inner source of consciousness. This is the first self-help guidebook of its kind, the secrets of rattling revealed as never before. Rattling can be both a profound meditation and a light and fun approach to tuning in and listening to our own rhythms and needs

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The Little Book of Rattling

American Mystic: Memoirs of a Happy Man

In the tradition of great spiritual memoirs, such as "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramahansa Yogananda or "Meetings with Remarkable Men" by Gurdjieff, Ramana's life brings us into a process of spiritual Self Inquiry. Being a Westerner, an ambitious American pursuing the American Dream, his story is universal and there are many clues and insights of great value strewn throughout this account of his life and awakening. Beginning his life in the abject poverty of the 1930s Great Depression and spanning the 20th century into th new millennium, it is a colorful story of determination to survive. But, it is the spiritual search that dominates the story of this extraordinary American - from his study to be a minister at Unity Church, exploration of the New Thought movement, encounters with such influential teachers as Napoleon Hill and Neville Goddard, to a final awakening when he experienced the mysterious presence of the great Indian mystic, Ramana Maharshi, in a bookstore in Phoenix, Texas. The late Ramana (born Dee Wayne Trammell, 1929 to 2010), became a brilliant teacher of Ramana Maharshi's direct path to enlightenment, founding spiritual centers in North Carolina and in Tiruvannamalai, south India. American Mystic: Memoirs of a Happy Man with many gems for anyone truly asking the question: "Who am I?"

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The Little Book of Rattling

The Time of Your Life: Everyone Has a Story

Individuals from 50 to 100 years of age, from all walks of life, share their stories. Based on interviews, and in people's own words,The Time of Your Life gives access to people's own experience, thoughts and ideas about getting older. Because of the range, diversity and wealth of insights into aging, the book has found its way into a number of college courses in developmental psychology, This is a very positive, entertaining and enlightening book that will reveal light about the whole subject of aging.

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The Little Book of Rattling
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The Little Book of Rattling

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